Troop 264 - Clinton, Iowa - Illowa Council
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Oh no , I have to do what !?!? That's hard I'll never get it done on time. Do we have to do it. No way. Ever hear those little statements before? Most of us probably have sometime in our life. But the feeling you get when you have achieved your goal, really makes you feel good doesn't it?? I'm sure all of us have had that feeling at one time or another, hopefully often! Whether it's at school when you have completed a project or an assignment in your class. Or maybe when you have completed a task at home.

The boys that just went though their Order of the Arrow Ordeal, should be very proud of their achievement. They endured a long day of sacrifice and hard work to achieve their goal.

So the next time you have a task to perform, even though it may look like a long ordeal, stay at it, work hard and complete that task, feel the feeling of ACHIEVEMENT you'll never regret it.