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I need a quick fix now!

Spoonfudge is shipped via UPS ground. We only charge for shipping what UPS charges us! To calculate shipping costs, please use the UPS Quick Cost Calculator provided by UPS.

UPS Quick Cost Calculator

The details you will need include:

Origin Zip Code: 50036
Shipping Drop-Off:     Customer Counter
Packaging: "Your Packaging" (SweetArt packaging)

Package Details:

QTY    Weight    Length    Width    Height
1 case 7.0 lbs 13.0 in 7.5 in 2.3 in
2 cases 14.0 lbs 13.0 in 7.5 in 4.5 in
3 cases 21.0 lbs 13.0 in 7.5 in 6.8 in
4 cases 28.0 lbs 13.0 in 7.5 in 9.0 in
5 cases 35.0 lbs 13.0 in 8.0 in 11.3 in

Web: http://showcase.netins.net/web/sweetart/
E-Mail: sweetart@netins.net
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