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The Strong Shifter is an advanced shifting, braking and steering control system for multi-speed bicycles.   It is designed and engineered to improve the bicycle rider's ability to change speeds safely, quickly, and accurately without removing either hand from the hand grip.   The Strong Shifter integrates all bicycle control devices into a natural and logical location and allows steering, braking and shifting to be performed in any combination at any time.  It gives greater control of the bicycle because the rider has continuous access to derailleur control as he steers and brakes; while a smooth supply of power to the wheels remains unbroken.

Shifting is effected by rotating the forearm while grasping the hand grip.  The hand remains on the hand grip to steer, and the fingers remain free to use the brake levers at all times -- even during gear changes!  Front and rear derailleurs can also be shifted at the same time, ie., crossover shifting/alpine shifting.

The Strong Shifter features an indexing system which provides a unique click position for each gear so the rider can feel gear changes without watching the derailleurs.  The system replaces handle bars, shift levers and brake levers currently in use on these multi-speed bikes, and can be retro-fitted to any bicycle having ten to twenty-one speeds.  The Strong Shifter indexes existing derailleur componentry.

The Strong Shifter could be very useful in cycling applications where conventional equipment fails to meet the needs of the cyclist.   One group who could benefit from the use of the Strong Shifter are cyclists who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Because the shifter is designed to assist the cyclist in maintaining a straight wrist it offers great potential to these riders.   Cyclists with many other special physical conditions could realize greater enjoyment through the benefits offered by this product.  Contact us for information on custom applications.

The Strong Shifter is available in three handle bar styles which offers you a choice to fit your bike and riding style.

The upright handle bar is designed for the cyclist who desires to ride in a more upright position. For mountain bikes, all-terrain bikes and cruisers.

The conventional height handle bar is designed for the cyclist who chooses most often to ride with hands on the brake lever hoods. For sport-touring and racing bicycles.

The drop handle bar is designed for the cyclist who wants to ride with the body positioned for less wind resistance.


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