Welcome to Knoll Ridge Ladies Golf 2002

1. Please sign in BEFORE teeing off if you are staying for the meal.

2. Pay $2.50 for the meal - committee for that night is exempt.

3. Committee provides potato, salad, bread, and dessert. Substitute as they see fit. Provide prize for that night's play (In all cases, draw to break ties). Grill is available to cook your own meat.

4. Please try to be in by 8 P.M. if you are staying for the meal.

5. The Tournament Committees are in charge of organizing their respective tournament: Theme, Room Set-up, Registration, Raffle, Flighting, Scoring, Menu, Kitchen, Assign Snack, Salad, Dessert responsibilities, Distribute door prizes. EVERYONE contributes a food item per the committee's needs. {Door prizes for the Jun 12 tournament are provided by the ladies assigned to the May/Jun Wednesday committees; Door prizes for the Jul 10 tournament are provided by EVERYONE. Door prizes for the Aug 14 tournament are provided by the ladies assigned to the Jul/Aug Wednesday committees. Additional door prizes are ALWAYS welcome.}

6. Ladies Tri-League ( Sigourney, North English, Keota). A triathlon format at each. Sigourney and North English will provide complimentary golf carts for each other; Keota WILL NOT provide, nor recieve this benefit. Meal is provided. Prizes awarded. Cost $8, 6 P.M. tee off

Schedule / Events / Responsibilities

May 22- Bonnie M, Margaret, Charlotte - Hi Score

May 29 - Carolyn B, Bonnie K, Linda G, - Most 6's wins

Jun 05 - Marilyn, Arva, Marsha - Pair up/Best Ball, Most Par's win

Jun 12 - 2 Lady Best Shot Tournament - May/Jun/Jul 11 committees please bring a door prize.
Charlotte Axmear, Margaret Blaylock, Bonnie McKinney, Helen Bucher, Peggy Vercande, Susan Elwood, Doris Lockridge, Helen Osweiler, Shirley Banes, Kathy White, Diane Tyrrell.

Jun 19 - Helen O, Shirley, Helen B - longest putt on 9

Jun 26 - Ladies Tri-League at North English - Kathy H, Ruthie, Angie, Susan S, Mona, Delores

Jul 03 - Doris, Peggy, Kathy W - Pair up/Best Ball, Lo Score wins

Jul 10 - 2 Lady Best Shot Tournament- Christmas in July. EVERYONE please bring a door prize.
Susan Schaefer, Angie Lehman, Mona Hall, Ruthie Henson, Kathy Huber, Marge Sauter, Arva Cheney Marilyn Warwick, Carolyn Brennan, Linda Geiger, Bonnie Keller.

Jul 17 - Marge, Dixie, JoAnn S - Closest to the pin on 5.

Jul 24 - Trish, Charlotte, Diane T - Putt for pennies - keep track of putts

Jul 25 - Ladies Tri-League at Keota

Jul 31 - Susan E, Georgene, Judy Cartwright - Longest drive on 3.

Aug 07 - Deb T, Nadine, Dee Dee - Pair up/Best Ball, Most birdies wins

Aug 14 - 2 Lady Best Shot Tournament - Jul 25/Aug committees please bring a door prize.
Deb Tippie, Nadine Gerard, Dee Dee Sauter, Wendy Ayers, Stacy Hester, Tina Haack, Stacy Vercande, Trish Gaherty, Georgene Ackerman, Delores Reinhart, Dixie Knipfer, JoAnn Scandridge, Deane Ackerman, Judy Cartwright.

Aug 21 - Ladies Tri-League at Sigourney.

Aug 28- Catered Meal - $5 - Closest to the Pin on 8.

Sep 04 - Potluck - Play your own ball - most Pars.