North English Knoll Ridge Course - The fairways and surroundings were kept up the best since we came back to North English in 1994. The two problems on the rest of the course was the lack of anyone to spray for grubs which inticed the skunks, possum and racoon to embark on a massive digging up of the fairways and around the greens, and the severe lack of watering and care of the greens.

Marengo Golf Course - Over all one of the best cared for of the area courses.

Keota Golf Course - These folk will never learn how to run a tournament.

Montezuma golf Course - BANNED This course is on the banned list for the way they treat out-of-towners and the unfair flighing of tournaments ... you can not flight a tournament before all teams are in and then go home before these teams get in, and when confronted on the phone, refuse to correct the situation.