Ultra Rare Trax

Too Much Love Will Kill You (Freddie vocals)
Appointment (Left Handed Marriage)
She Once Was My Friend (Left Handed Marriage)
I Need Time (Left Handed Marriage)
Soundcheck: Ogre Battle, Procession, Father to Son, Son & Daughter (Oxford 1973)
Shout Bama Lama (Oxford 1973)
Hangman (Birmingham 1973)
Man From Manhattan (Demo w/ Freddie & Brian 1976)
Now I'm Here (Demo version 1974)
If You Can't Beat Them (New York 1978)
Attack Of The Hawkmen (Tokyo 1981)
Save Me (Mexico 1981)
Flash / The Hero (Mexico 1981)
Who Wants To Live Forever (Demo with Brian's daughter on vocals)
Hold On (Freddie and Jo Dare)
Goodtimes (Fan club song 1988)
The Hitman (First take with Brian on vocals)
Improvisation (Brian on the Howard Stern Show)
A Kind Of Magic (Roger live at the Mick Ronson tribute)