Ultimate Miracle

The Miracle (UK Mix)
I Want It All (US Mix)
The Invisible Man (12" Remix)
Breaktru (12" Remix)
Scandal (12" Remix)
The Miracle (Hollywood Mix)
I Want It All (7" Version)
Hang On In There (B-Side)
Breaktru (7" Version)
Stealin' (B-Side)
The Invisible Man (7" Version)
Hijack My Heart (B-Side)
Scandal (7" Version)
My Life Has Been Saved (B-Side)
I Want It All (Instrumental)
The Invisible Man (Instrumental)
Breaktru (Instrumental)
Chinese Torture (B-Side)

A New Life Is Born (Demo)
My Baby Loves Me (Demo)
I Want It All (Instrumental Remix)
Hang On In There (Demo)
I Guess We're Falling Out (Demo, Unreleased Song)
Stealin' (Demo, Long Version)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (Demo with Freddie)
Piano Piece (Demo Work)
Dog With A Bone (Unreleased Track)
Hijack My Heart (Demo)
New York New York (from Highlander movie)
Tavaszi Szei (Studio Rehearsal)
The Miracle (Demo Work)
The Invisible Man (Demo Work)
I Want It All (Demo Work)
The Hitman (Demo Work with Brian on vocals)
Scandal (Demo Work)
Hang On In There (Instrumental Remix)
Khashoggis Ship (Instrumental Remix)
Chinese Torture (Instrumental Remix)
I Want It All (Instrumental Remix)
Was It All Worth It (Instrumental)
Party (Instrumental Mix)
Party (Instrumental Mix #2)
Was It All Worth It (Instrumental intro)
Breaktru (Instrumental Mix)
The Miracle (Instrumental Mix)