The Ultimate Collection Volume Three

Nazis 1994 (Roger Taylor's Banned Version)
Keep Yourself Alive (De Lane Lea Demo 1971)
The Night Comes Down (De Lane Lea Demo 1971)
Great King Rat (De Lane Lea Demo 1971)
Jesus (De Lane Lea Demo 1971)
Liar (De Lane Lea Demo 1971)
Doing Alright (Earl's Court 1977)
Keep Yourself Alive (Earl's Court 1977)
Man On Fire (Roger Taylor - 12" Version)
Strange Frontier (Roger Taylor - 12" Version)
In Charge Of My Heart (The Cross - 12" Version)
Liar (The Cross - 12" Version)

Procession (Hippodrome 1973)
Father To Son (Hippodrome 1973)
Son And Daughter (Hippodrome 1973)
See What A Fool I've Been (Hippodrome 1973)
Ogre Battle (Hippodrome 1973)
Liar (Hippodrome 1973)
Stone Cold Crazy (Remix)
No Turning Back (Immortals 7")
Son And Daughter (Appollo Stadium)
Stone Cold Crazy (Appollo Stadium)
Liar (Appollo Stadium)