Her Majesty's Secrets - Volume 1

See What A Fool I've Been (BBC '73)
Keep Yourself Alive (BBC '73)
The Night Comes Down (BBC '73)
Great King Rat (BBC '73)
My Fairy King (BBC '73)
Ogre Battle (BBC '73)
Keep Yourself Alive (BBC '73 - Demo)
Father To Son (BBC '74)
Killer Queen (BBC '74)
Misfire (BBC '74)
Tenement Funster (BBC '74)
Flick Of The Wrist (BBC '74)
Modern Times Rock'n Roll (BBC session)
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Millionaire Waltz
You Take My Breath Away
You and I
Spread Your Wings (BBC '77)
Fat Bottomed Girls (First Take)
Everybody Happy (Fan Club Song)