Hot Space & The Miracle Demos

My Secret Fantasy (Demo)
Now I'm Here (Demo)
Polar Bear
Put Out The Fire (Demo)
Rock A Bye Dixie
Scandal (Demo)
Self Made Man (Demo)
Silver Salmon (Demo)
Staying Power (Demo)
Stealin (Demo Extended Version)
Tenement Funster (Demo)
The Hitman (Demo)
The Invisible Man (Demo)
The Miracle (Demo)
There Must Be More To Life Than This (Mercury/Jackson)
You Take My Breath Away (Demo)

A New Life Is Born (Demo)
Action This Day
Back Chat (Demo)
Delilah (Demo)
Dog With A Bone (Studio Version)
Everyone (Mercury)
Feel Like (Demo)
F**k Off And Die You F*g (Demo Mercury/Moran/Striker)
Girl From Ipanema
I Guess We're Falling Out (Demo)
I Want It All (Demo)
Las Palabras De Amor (Demo)
Life Is Real (Demo)
My Baby Loves Me (Demo)