The Eye Soundtrack Part 1 + 2

Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll (Instrumental)
Liar (Instrumental)
The Night Comes Down (Instrumental)
In The Lap Of The Gods (Remix)
Bring Back That Leroy Brown (Remix)
Brighton Rock
Death On Two Legs
Death On Two Legs (Instrumental)
Sweet Lady (Remix)
You Take My Breath Away (Instrumental)
Get Down Make Love (Instrumental)
It's Late (Remix)
Fight From The Inside (Instrumental)
Let Me Entertain You (Instrumental)
More Of That Jazz (Instrumental)
Dragon Attack
Hammer To Fall (1) (Instrumental)
Hammer To Fall (2) (Instrumental)
One Vision
One Vision (Instrumental)
A Kind Of Magic
A Kind Of Magic (Instrumental)
Don't Loose Your Head (Instrumental)
Don't Loose Your Head (Remix)
Who Wants To Live Forever (Instrumental)
Gimme The Prize (Instrumental)
Gimme The Prize (1) (Remix)
Gimme The Prize (2) (Remix)

Made In Heaven
Hang On In There
Khashoggi's Ship (Instrumental)
Chinese Torture
I Want It All (Remix)
Was It All Worth It (1) (Instrumental)
Party (1) (Instrumental)
Party (2) (Instrumental)
Was It All Worth It (2) (Instrumental)
Breakthru (Instrumental)
Don't Try So Hard (Remix)
I'm Going Slightly Mad (Instrumental)
The Show Must Go On (Instrumental)
The Hitman (1) (Instrumental)
The Hitman (2) (Instrumental)
Headlong (Instrumental)
Ride The Wild Wind (Instrumental)
I Can't Live With You (Instrumental)
Heaven For Everyone (Instrumental)
Mother Love (Instrumental)
Made In Heaven (Instrumental)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (Remix)
You Don't Fool Me (Instrumental)
It's A Beautiful Day (Instrumental)
Princes Of The Universe (Instrumental)