Dog With A Bone

Keep Yourself Alive (Demo)
The Night Comes Down (Demo)
Great King Rat (Demo)
Jesus (Demo)
Liar (Demo)
We Are The Champions (Video Take)
Fat Bottomed Girl (Demo)
Cool Cat (With David Bowie)
Is Everybody Happy? (1987 Convention Song)
Dog With A Bone (1988 Convention Song)
Invisible Queen (1989 Convention Song)
The Miracle (First Take)
I Want It All (First Take)
The Invisible Man (First Take)
Scandal (First Take)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (First Take)
The Hitman (First Take)
Headlong (First Take)
Hints Of Innuendo:
*All Gods People
*The Show Must Go On
*Ride The Wild Wind
*I'm Going Slightly Mad
*I Can't Live With You
*These Are The Days Of Our Lives
*Don't Try So Hard
*Delilah (Rare Outake)