a.    To confer and counsel with the pastor to support the development of an effective ministry.

b.    To interpret to the congregation the nature and function of the ordained ministry.

c.     To evaluate annually the effectiveness of the pastor

d.    To make financial support, employee benefit, and continuing education recommendations to the Administrative Session and congregation.

e.    To carry out, with the Trustee chairperson and pastor, an annual review of the parsonage to insure proper maintenance.

f.      To work with the Presbytery and District Superintendent when there is a change of pastors.


Primary Function: Serve as a communication link between the pastor and the congregation


Standing Rules of PPR committee:

Membership shall not be fewer than 3 and no more than 6 representatives from the total charge, consisting of a variety of age groups with the youngest being the senior high youth.

Members shall be elected at the annual meeting upon presentation by nominations committee.

Committee shall meet bi-monthly and additionally at the request of the pastor or committee.

The committee may meet in closed session upon the recommendation of the pastor, or other person accountable to the committee.


a.    To receive all requests for funds which are to be included in the annual budget, and from them compile the proposed budget to be presented to the Administrative Session.

b.    To work with the Stewardship committee to develop and implement plans for an Annual Every Member Commitment Program.

c.     To administer the financial resources of the congregation in accord with the policies adopted by the Administrative Session.

d.    To make provisions for the annual audit of the financial records and provide a report of the audit to the Administrative Session and congregation.

e.    To provide a financial secretary to receive the contributions to the local church, keep records of the contributions and their payments, and transfer them promptly to the treasurer.



Standing Rules of Finance committee:


Membership shall consist of a minimum of two people with one being the session treasurer, elected by the Administrative Session, the other being the financial secretary.


Prepares monthly report to Administrative Session summarizing the income received and invoices paid.




a.    To work with the pastor and choir director to plan special worship services and oversee the worship of the congregation.

b.    To provide ushers and candle lighters for worship services.

c.     To provide communion stewards

d.    To develop ways to aid the congregation in becoming increasingly aware of the purpose and meaning of worship.

e.    To recommend standards for placement of memorial gifts in the church as aids to worship.


Usher checklist:

Prepare the sanctuary for worship

Straighten hymnals

Make sure offering envelopes and pencils are in holder

Make sure pencils are sharpened

Open/close windows as needed

Turn alter lights on/off


Replace alter candles when needed – Joel Goodman

Have up to date prayer list on the pulpit (Prayer Board)

Communicate with the person responsible for the following:

        Music:  Jo Brown

        Ushers: Rotation by church secretary

        Nursery: Deb Meyer, Penny Alexander, Diane Feuss

        Flowers:  Joyce Wagner (UCC Women)

        Paraments: Karen Tenley

        Communion: Katie Meyer

        Advent Candle Lighting: Work with Pastor

        Greeters: Linda Pritchard

        Children’s Sermon: Wayne Brown

        Cookie Time after church: Sign Up list


As Needed:

Preside at Sunday worship if the minister is suddenly unavailable and plans have not been made for a substitute

A committee member shall have a talk prepared for use on short notice

A committee member shall read the scripture

A committee member shall coordinate with the church musicians

Maundy Thursday Soup Supper

Assist with home bound and nursing home communion


Members shall consist of Pastor, Organist/Pianist, at least one session member as coordinator of the various responsibilities, and one lay person.



4.    TRUSTEES (Property & Investment)

a.    To be responsible for any matters related to the real and personal property of the local church.

b.    To make certain that the Articles of Incorporation of the local church are up to date.

c.     To receive and administer all bequests made to the church.

d.    To supervise the care of all property and equipment.

e.    To supervise the sale or purchase of property.

f.      To be responsible for the use of church buildings in consultation with the pastor.

g.    To be responsible for adequate insurance coverage on all church property.

h.    To submit to the Committee on Finance annual budget requests for property maintenance and improvement.

i.       To make an annual report to the Administrative Session and Congregation.


Standing Rules of Trustees

Membership shall consist of at least 2 session members. 

Members are appointed by session.

Janitor’s annual performance evaluation shall be completed by Trustees with recommendations for hiring and dismissal provided to the Administrative Session.

Committee shall meet bi-monthly or more often if needed.  Create and maintain long range plan for property care and improvements. Make recommendations to Administrative Session in keeping janitors job description current.


Church Janitor


Sunday at 7:00 a.m. unlock the church, turn on heat/air conditioning, fans, or open windows as needed.

Pick up old bulletins, and neaten sanctuary

Vacuum and dust hall, sanctuary, and pulpit areas

Clean all restrooms thoroughly

Take out garbage by 6:00 a.m. on weekly pick up day.  A 33 gallon bag is allowed, additional bags will need a sticker on them.

Take out recyclables by 6:00 a.m. on weekly pick up day.

Make sure Sunday school rooms are cleaned and trash is emptied.

Sweep and mop kitchen floors, (more often if necessary)

Sweep and mop entry way, pick up track pad and clean under it

Wash entry way windows

Clean kitchen thoroughly

In summer check dehumidifiers

In winter check furnaces to be sure they are working properly, change filters.

Check thermostat and keep it set at 60 degrees in winter (68 maximum)

Sweep and clean up fellowship hall before 10:00 am on Mondays



Job Performance review with Trustees



Deep clean and re-wax tile floors


As Needed

Check church after scheduled events for cleanliness

Make minor repairs, if unable to make repairs, contact a Trustee member

Check basement for water and move furniture or carpets if needed after heavy rains or big snow melts, and contact trustees with findings

Coordinate with Trustees the set up and take down of tables and chairs before funerals, meetings, etc.

After a storm do a walk through inspection of the church, report any findings to a Trustee.



Administrative Session hires and dismisses this person.




Church Secretary



Type and print bulletins for each worship service

Update monthly church calendar of events



Gather information and articles, type print, collate, and mail church newsletter


As needed:

Miscellaneous typing for pastor, session or committees

Keep church files in order.

Order or purchase office supplies

Type and mail correspondence for pastor and session



Works closely with Pastor and reports to session

Administrative Session hires and dismisses this position.




Session Secretary


Records church membership, including baptisms, deaths, births, weddings, confirmations


Prepare membership changes (new members, transfers, etc) for pastor to sign and session to approve.


Keep session minutes


Type and mail session correspondence


Type charge conference reports and end-of-year statistical reports for both the Presbyterian and United Methodist denominations


This is an elected position, must be a board member.


a.    To work with the Sunday School Superintendent in the recruitment of teachers and work with the total education program of the church.

b.    To keep the local church informed about education resources and curriculum: printed programs and materials, conferences, training programs, workshops, etc.

c.     To plan for and promote the observance of Christian Education Sunday and the Christian Education offering.

d.    To keep in touch with the Presbytery, District, Conference, and national boards and agencies that deal with education.

e.    To make an annual report to the Administrative Session and Congregation.



Sunday School Superintendent duties may be divided among committee members and include:

*      Ordering awards, pins, Bibles and other materials

*      Planning Special Music for Vacation Bible School and Holiday Programs

*      Curriculum selection for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and extra activities

*      Special devotional material for Congregation and Sunday School

*      Plan Promotional Sunday activities; Vacation Bible school, youth group activities, and bible study

*      Recruitment of Sunday School Teachers


Committee is expected to meet a minimum of 3 times:  (summer (June), fall (November) and spring (Feb or March) and other times as needed.


Arrange for availability of substitute teachers.


Committee shall consist of a representative from Session; Sunday School Superintendent or Co-Superintendents; Sunday School Teacher; Adult Sunday School representative; Youth Group Coordinator, and one lay person.



a.    To educate the congregation in denominational missions.

b.    To encourage the development, planning, and support of local mission work.

c.     To obtain mission resources for the congregation.

d.    To plan special mission events and encourage participation in those events outside the local church.

e.    To make an annual report to the Administrative Session and congregation.




Respond to the needs of the congregation and community (Stanwood area)

Nursing Home visits

Homebound visits

Baskets at Thanksgiving

Baskets at Christmas

Palm Sunday One Great Hour of Sharing

Recognize “Community Helpers” (ie. Ambulance, Fire men & women)

Methodist and Presbyterian Missions

Food Pantry

Prayer Chain


a.    To serve as resource persons to the Administrative Session.

b.    To work with the pastor in giving church-wide emphasis and appeal for service in the community.

c.     To educate the congregation in the meaning of stewardship of time, talent, and resources.

d.    To plan and promote the Annual Fund Raising programs of the church.

e.    To work with the Finance Committee.

f.      To make an annual report to the Administrative Session and the congregation.


Primary responsibility is to coordinate leadership from within the congregation and to coordinate fund raising committee chairs and to prepare an evaluation of the event.


Soup Supper

Lord’s Portion Auction

Summerfest Luncheon and Bake Sale

Fall Dinner

Salad Luncheon, Bazaar and Silent Auction


a.    To nominate persons from the congregation to serve on the Administrative Session and committees of the church.

b.    To provide leadership and training for all persons assuming leadership positions.

c.     To work with the Stewardship and Education Committees in planning and implementing an education program in the area of stewardship of time and abilities and leadership development.

d.    To make an annual report to the Administrative Session and the congregation.




The congregation shall elect annually a Committee on Nominations composed of two (2) members of the Administrative Session and at least three (3) members of the congregation who are not members of the Administrative Session.  This committee shall nominate the members for the Administrative Session and such other officers as may be needed. (from Plan for Union)


a.    To oversee the care and upkeep of memorial gifts.

b.    To develop and maintain a suggested list of appropriate memorials.

c.     To educate the congregation in the meaning of special gifts for the church.

d.    To report to the Administrative Session and Congregation those gifts received.



Additional duties:

Send acknowledgements for gifts received.

Purchase nameplates in honor of the memorial

Check with Women’s Circle, Trustees, and Session for input on appropriate memorials


Stanwood Union Church (UM-UP) Standing Rules:

Created/Revised March, 2005


*      Only one person from an immediate family residing in the same household shall serve on each committee.

*      Each committee member shall serve a maximum of 2 consecutive 3 year terms.

*      All terms shall be staggered and not exceed 3 years. (Terms may be less than3)

*      Pastor shall have knowledge of all meetings.

*      All committee chairs shall be elected annually.

*      Meeting time of the Administrative Session shall be the 1st Wednesday of Each month at 7:00 p.m.

*      All Employees are hired / dismissed by Administrative Session.