Teamspeak is a free program that allows its users to have voice communication with each other. Even without a microphone you can still listen in. Please register on the server. Only registered users can use all the services provided.

  Installation files

Requirements for Teamspeak

Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP

Pentium 166 MHZ CPU

64 MegaBytes of RAM

6 MegaBytes of hard disk space

DirectX 8.1or higher

(available at ttp://

An Internet connection or LAN

A full-duplex sound card

A microphone (if you want to be able to talk, not just listen)

Teamspeak 2 Win32 Client (RC2)
size: 5.8 MB
Download Now

Teamspeak 2 Linux Client (RC2)
size: 7.52 MB
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Public Teamspeak Servers


Public Server 1

Public Server 2


Order of the White Knights Guild Server


Owk-Teamspeak-Server IP address:

To use the OWK Teamspeak server you must create a new connection, name it what ever you wish and use the IP address above. A password is required. This password can be found under the "Status" tab in your guild window within the game. If you can't get on check for a new password as they will be changed from time to time.
Setup Instructions

After downloading and installing Teamspeak run the program. A three pane window will appear. Locate and select the "Connect" button.



In the new window that appears right click on "servers" option and select "Add Server" from the drop down menu.



Rename your new Server anything you wish. A unique name is required.



Place the OWK-Teamspeak-Server's IP address in the "Server Address" field. Place your character name in the "Nickname" field. Select the "Anonymous" option and enter the server password (found in you Guild window of the game under the "Status" tab). You may now select Connect



You should now find yourself connected. These settings will be saved and to reconnect simply select the connection you just made and hit the connect button.


To Register yourself on the server just select "Self" and then"Register with the Server". You will then be able to enter a user name and a password.