Order of the White Knights Screen Saver


Download you own copy of the Order of the White Knights Screen Saver to enjoy at home. Keep checking back because as I get more screen shots from you I will be able to make even better screen savers that just may include your character.


The file OWKScreenSvr.exe is a self extracting zip file that will place a the screen saver folder and files on your C drive. Locate your OWK Screen Saver folder and open it up. Right click the OWKScreenSvr.scr file and choose install. It will the be included as one of your screen savers in your screen saver menu. Enjoy!

  Screen Saver file size 4.37 MB  
  All Screen Shot are now on the OWKSite!  

Screen Shots

  Got a cool screen shot you want posted? email it to me an I will get it up as soon as I can. Please send your White Knights screen shots to orindonkata@yahoo.com to be posted here. Please include a short description of what you were doing at the time.