Game Resources



In this section you will find walk through's and links to areas of the game. I opted to use links instead of recreating these pages to save time and space. At last review these sites were quite well done and accurate.



Weapons Price Guide (Never pay too much or sell for to little again!)

Salvage Guide 1

Salvage Guide 2

Collectors. Updated (This includes the new Nightfall Characters)

Nightfall Collectors (New)

Dye Mixing 1

Dye Mixing 2

Character Professions Updated (This includes the new Nightfall Characters)

Skills 2 Updated (This includes the new Factions and Nightfall Characters)


Armor 1

Armor 2

Known Scams

Green Items List Updated (No prices. Includes Factions)

Green Items Price List (12/21/2005)

Complete Mission and Quest Guides (Prophecies Campaign).

Mission Guides (Factions)

Mission Guides (Nightfall)

Missions Guides (Guru)

General Tip and Hints (If I didn't define it above it is most likely here)

Titles (New)