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Calving should start the last week of February.  Marylee, keep watching, we'll let you know when their eyes turn brown.  :-)

2/26 #1 calf is here. Bull
2/27  #2 Notice they stayed in the cow until the –10 degree weather passed.  I wish I could take credit for that but I don't want to go outside myself when it is that cold! Heifer
3/10 #3 Heifer
3/12 #4  Heifer
3/12 #5 Heifer
3/13 #6 Heifer
3/14 #7  Bull
4/10 #8 Bull
4/28 #9 Bull
4/30 #10 Bull
4/30 #11  Looks like they will take a little break before I will get any more.  Wonder why?  This will leave 2 maybe 3 more. Heifer


May 5:  Looks like we are in the rainy season now.  It is too wet to do any field work but that just means there is more time to hunt mushrooms.  Richard and I found a very good mess tonight.  If you feel adventurous talk to Richard, all I know is that he used mushrooms and jalapeno peppers in the same sentence so I can only imagine! 
May 2, 2003.  As you can see the lilacs are in full bloom.  That means that in Stephen's world it is time for to plant corn.  All I need now is for Mother Nature to cooperate and give me some good weather.

April 29:  Mushrooms are out there better go get yours!

April 22:  Lilacs are getting close--the purple is showing and a few are just STARTING to open.
Fertilizer went on last week.

Keep an eye on the lilac bushes.  When they start to bloom it's time to plant corn! 

Mushrooms—no rumors yet. 


May 5:  Potatoes are up, the radishes, onions and peas look good, but that is all I have planted because it has been too wet to plant anything else since I planted  potatoes and peas on April 15.

April 22, 2003  Potatoes were planted last week, radishes are coming up.

April 13, 2003  I've been out playing in the garden today.  By now I have forgotten my great plans of last year and the fact that weeds took over by mid June.  Actually, the purpose of the garden is to keep me from planting my corn too early.  I plant stuff in the garden, rip it up, replant it, and by then its actually time for me plant my corn.

April 13, 2003 Couldn't stand it any longer—I went out and planted radishes.

The Weather

May 2-4:  Have been getting some wind and rain.  Have had about 2 inches for the last couple of days.  We feel very fortunate because just a short distance to the North they have received a lot more than that and to the South there have been tornados.

April 22, 2003 A good 1" rain on Saturday.  Warming up!

April 7, 2003 Snow, snow, snow!  Back to winter!  Forecast for the end of the week:  70’s.

April 3, 2003 The grass is getting green, and we had 80 degree temperatures this week.  The robins are back and the lilac leaves are starting to bud.  The Birkenstocks had their “coming out”—SPRING!!! 
February 16, 2003  Snow everywhere!  I haven't even cleaned off my truck yet as I've spent most of the last two days indoors.  We have 6-8 inches, but Norwalk/Des Moines has 10-12.


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