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This page contains only some of the PEZ we have for sale. We have more Europeon PEZ as well as quite a bit of the PEZ released in the United States. We also have some the accessory PEZ such as keychains and flashlights. If you do not see something here you are looking for just drop us an email to see if we have it and just not put it on this page.


Please email us with your list and method you request for shipping at skipper@netins.net. We will then determine mailing costs and email you back. Once payment is received we will ship the next day. Preferred method of payment is checks or money orders.

Current Specials ! ! !

Check these out . . .

  Indian Whistle (green stem)- $9

Europeon Pastel Striped Cards

$2 each

ICY BEAR on Starry Card

$3 each

SPIKE - Red stem

$4 each

Bugs Bunny - red stem

Stickers $2.00 each

Droopy Dog, Fozzie Bear, Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Sylvester, Daffy Duck, Taz, Yosemite Sam, Yoda, Muppet variety, Dinosaur Cartoon Show, Dinosaur's

Body Parts $2.00 each

Caveman, Maid, Nurse, Red Dress

Europeon Newer Cards

$2 each

COOL Looney Tunes- Taz, Tweety, Bugs Bunny, or Sylvester
ASTERIX - Red Mustache, Yellow Mustache, or White Beard
BATMAN on Australian Card - All dark blue
SNOPPY - Red stem
DISNEY - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy
GARFIELDS - Smiling Garfield, Green visor, Aviator goggles, Nermal, Chef Garfield, Nightcap Garfield, Arlene, and Odie

$3 each

Bugs Bunny - flourscent red stem
Speedy Gonzales - Flourscent Green or regular green stem
Yosemite Sam - Light Blue stem
Daffy Duck - Black stem
Bugs Bunny - red stem


$3 each

Papa Smurf - Red stem
Boy Smurf - Red, white, and blue stems
Smurfette - Blue stem

Japanese Bubble Cards

Price as Marked

Jerry - yellow stem - $4
Mickey Mouse, Pluto - $4
Tuffy - Light blue stem - $4
Tweety - Red Stem - $4
Sylvester - $4
Elephant - Red Stem, Blue Head & Yellow Hat - $8

Package Deals as marked

Cool Looney Tunes (Full set) - $10.00
Bugs (Full set of 5 on Europeon card) - $10.00
Star Wars (Original set of 5 on Europeon card) - $9.00

2 + 12 Car Boxes (Qty - 5) $50.00   Two dispensers plus 12 packages of candy in windowed boxed show the dispensers with a design to look like a car. Sets are made up of Pluto & Goofy, Mickey & Minnie, Miss Piggy & Kermit (click for image), Tom & Jeffy (click for image), and Donald and Daisy

Double Card - Dispenser and Body Part Sets

$5 each

Tuffy with Calvary BP          Droopy with Archer BP          Spike with Knight BP
Tom with Calvary BP          Tom with Convict BP

Other PEZ Related Items

Marked individually

In 2000 Johnny Lightning offered a EXCLUSIVE Mail in offer for a Christmas delivery truck with the Santa and Snowman dispenser on the side. $5.00 (1 only)

In 2002 Johnny Lightning released a set of PEZ labeled for 50 Years anniversary.
Click here for image of the set. $25.00 set

In 2004 Johnny Lightning released another set of six cars of PEZ.
Click here for image of the set. $28.00 set

YPS comic books package - This contains the comic book, PEZ dispenser, body part and what looks to be an eggplanter. $4.00 each