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Information and Links for the Collectors

Glad you stopped by this Southwest IOWA PEZ location. Our goal with this page is to give you information concerning the collecting of PEZ dispensers. Included are periodic updates for new dispensers available either in the U.S. or in the foreign markets. Included are some photos from our collection as well as links to other collectors/dealers of PEZ on the internet. Enjoy and please feel free to email us with your comments.

PEZ for Sale ! !

NEWER HOT stuff and things on the horizon.
Conventions are a place to learn and add to your collection.
PEZ GALLERY As we promised, you can view some of the dispensers included in our collection.
Double Dispenser Card At a local flea market I came across a new card with a strange combination of PEZ dispensers on it. The graphic shows a boy smurf and Donald Duck on a very different style of card. The lady said she bought them in China.
PEZ PICS - Here you will find some photos of PEZ related items.
PEZzy Places in the Omaha NE area.
PEZ List is made available from Chris Sharpe to use for completing your collection.
Icee-FAQ - from PEZHead Bryon (Buzzy) Boyd.
Links to other PEZ related pages.