They are here or soon, the:
Full Body Hello Kitty PEZ
Found at Walmart, these are new full body Hello Kitty's.
Wizard of Oz PEZ
New Wizard of Oz set. This one found at Factory Car Outlet ($16.99).
Christmas New PEZ
A new Christmas truck and ones with snowflakes. Walgreens source.
3 new Fairy PEZ
Add these to your set of fairies.
Woody and Dino PEZ
New from Toy Story. Dog in the future?
Bat Halloween PEZ
New for Halloween this year?
GetGo Truck PEZ
Special convience store PEZ truck.
Darby & Buster PEZ
New for the Pooh Series. Darby (girl) and Buster (dog).

Max Austin