PEZ Related Links

Informative Links for the Collectors

Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia - Look at a collection of the many PEZ dispensers that have been produced. You can also order some of the hard to find items.

Collector's Guide to PEZ - by Shawn Peterson is a best-selling guide to PEZ collecting that includes pricing information, pictures, PEZ history, and other PEZ collecting information. This is the author's official site for the Guide.

PEZ Collector's News - Information on the happenings in the PEZ collector's world. Home Page - Fantastic page put together by James Nordstrom and other Pezheads. This page is new as of beginning of Novemeber but already provides wealth of information for the PEZ collectors.

PEZ COOP - Yet another souce of PEZ purchases and related information.

Michael Garavaglia - Check out this page for latest news for PEZ collecting and link to other interesting PEZ related pages.

Toys in the Attic - This page contains the featuring "The Collectors Price Guide To Pez", by John LaSpina and Michael Edelman.

Ron Barr - Contained on this page is the list of MANY Current Canadian/Euro PEZ for sale. Pricing is extremely reasonable.

Alf 7's PEZ Page