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On Tue, 18 Nov 1997 23:47:48 -0800 Buzzy writes:
>Hi Folks:
>I'm going to update this Icee-Bear history again:
>The Barney Bear and the Icee Bear have one thing in common.
>They all have @MGM 1980 stamped on the back of their heads.
>About 1987 the Barney Bear appeared with the MGM characters. 3.9 thin feet
>( There may be a footless one but I have never seen one)
>He had the triangle between his eyes. This is usually called Icee "A"
>when applied to the Icees.
>Shortly after, the 4.9 Barney appeared with the patent #change.
>He had the two thin lines between his eyes. This is usually called the
>What is characteristic of these two is that only the paint was different
>and the eyeballs *bulged* in the eyes.
>In 1991/92 when the Pez factory opened in Hungary.
>The Icee Bear appeared. Bear in mind that the Bears are multi-faced two
>piece faces and the faces have always been white.
>In 1991 they made Barney white....popped a regular face on him (white
>( Apparently this was to coincide with a slurpee like ice-cone called
>Icee-Bear and the deal fell through or something but Pez just kept
>making him any way and he began to be called the Icee-Bear)
>The first Icee bears had the bulging eyeballs and the stripes between
>the eyes. Just like the Barneys...They were, in fact, just white Barneys.
>About 1995/96 the mold was changed slightly and the bulged eyeballs where
>no longer molded on the face and the eyes became a sort of one smooth
>piece and the eyeballs and eyebrows where painted on. This would be a "C",
>I guess.
>He can be found with a white stem, a fuschia stem and commonly now
>with a purple stem.
>The Icees usually come out only in Europe and Canada during the Xmas
>season in company with the Santa and the Snowman.
>This seasons Icee-Bears that I have seen so far ( only about a dozen )
>are just the regular old Icee Bear.
>But Drew seems to have found some with the older heads and Michele
>confirms this, so Pez being Pez and as they are from Hungary this seems
>perfectly Pezlogical.
>I just haven't seen any...yet.
>Easy way to figure this is if you have a Barney....then compare.
>So keep your eyes open for those *bulging* eyed Icees you guys.
>One more thing....I haven't taken any new ones off the card so I don't
>know what the copyright says.
>That's all folks.