PEZ Related Graphics

Past, Current, and Maybe Future

Gravity Pack - Photo just in from Karen Lynn. Many folks have been asking about the look of this PEZ dispenser.

If you have not seen the STAR WARS cards, here is a scan of the two cards that the new dispensers are showing up on at a store near you. Sightings have been reported at Target and Albertsons in the Midwest. The Canadian Star Wars are on a different card and will be posted in the next week after my order arrives.

Thanks to Cliff Lee, the moderator for the Pezheads mailing list, I have the graphic of the Santa double card. This card is the Santa dispenser along with the body part. These cards are not available for purchase in any of our US of A stores but some of the PEZ dealers have made them available for sale. There are many body part sets ( I have 14 at this time) but none compare to our Santa.

One of the most sought after offerings from these mail order is the Bubbleman, which is only available through mail order. I have received two, one with a blue stem and the other a rasberry stem. I have also heard there is a lime green stem that has arrived at some collectors doorstep.
Click here for image of my two friends.

Among the many dispensers I have added to my collection recently is the Candy Shooter. I made a special stand for it to stand within the other dispensers. The gun will shoot PEZ candy loaded in the magazine that slides into the bottom of the handle similiar to the 45 caliber pistol. Thanks to Michele Lorenz I was able to make this addition.