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White Leghorn Eggs:  $2.00 picked up, otherwise $2.50 per dozen, local delivery only.

Many of our eggs are used at a local bakery. They know the value of fresh eggs!

We now have yarn, fiber and felt for sale! See examples below of what we have for sale.
Please contact us for prices and availability.

This warm, white sport yarn was produced from Narrissa.

One of our herdsires, Walter, gave us this soft brown, worsted yarn. 

This beautiful brownish-red cored yarn is from Shawn one of our fiber boys. 

Gus, another of our fiber boys,  provided us with gorgeous cored black yarn. 

These ½” thick felted sheets are 3’ x 3’.  They are from (left to right) Narrissa, Trixie and Walter.

100% Pure Alpaca Fiber
Can be used for indoor or outdoor use.

We also have felted soap.  It is a washcloth and soap in one. As you lather, you also gently exfoliate. The fiber makes it easier to hold on to and it is hypoallergenic.  The bar of soap will last longer nestled in its cozy home.  After use, simply let the bar dry on all sides in a soap dish. When you are finished with the soap, you may discard the fiber or keep it.

Alpaca manure is wonderful fertilizer. It can be directly applied to the garden without fear of “burn”.  Alpaca manure has a lower organic matter content compared to other livestock.  It is also comparatively high in nitrogen and potassium and is average in calcium and magnesium content.

Sold for $.25/pound. Bring your own bag or bucket!

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