Welcome To The Home Page Of Sgt. Blair


    Here is a picture of Sgt. Blair taken at home just before he left for active duty.



Sgt. Michael Blair reported for active duty on July 15th 2004.  He left for training in Kansas on July 21st 2004.


On the following pages you will find out more information about the day he was called up to his departure for Kansas.  There is a page titled "In Iraq" that will remain under construction until I recieve information from Mike once he is in Iraq.  So please check this page often once he sets down in Iraq.  In the mean time there will be a page titled "In Kansas" where I will be posting new information from him while he is still there.  Please keep in mind that for security reasons there will be NO dates and times given for his departure to Iraq on this site.  I will post that he is leaving and activities involving the departure and that is all.  I will be contacting family and friends with the dates and times once I get them.


I hope you enjoy the site and visit often.  If you have anything you would like posted on the site for Mike to see, please contact me with the information and I will get it posted.  The page for this is titled "Family and Friends" so look for your stuff there.