Two Bulls in a Guard


At Fort Rock, during slow periods, hauling trash to the
local dump made for a very exciting morning. We got to
stop by the town of Fort Rock (pop. about 30?), buy an
ice cream bar & dew (Mountain Dew, official drink of fire-
fighters), and basically see “civilization”.

A trip to town made up for not being on the helicopter
“jump list”. You were basically assigned as support - a
trip to the dump was your compensation.

On one such trip we were making the return trip to the
Guard Station. About one mile away from the station we
saw a couple bulls sitting in the road. Strange, we
thought. Two bulls sitting in the road? On the range,
you never see two bulls so close unless they are
engaged in “combat”.

As we approached the bulls they did not get up. Hmmm.
We got closer. Soon, we were able to get the picture.
The bulls had indeed been “visiting” with each other.
Rather remarkably, each bulls front legs were stuck in
the cattle guard. Each bull was unable to move!!!

We approached the bulls and were amazed by their size,
not to mention their horns. These were not small

They were stuck, tight. No escape. They were foaming
at the mouth, quite upset about the situation. We
radioed the station and asked them to contact the
appropriate ranchers.

We learned later that they used a cutting torch to cut the
cattle guard which enabled each bull to finally get loose.

I never recall a dull trip to the dump!