Round Lake #2


A few earlier we had participated in a roaring, two
thousand acre fire located about ten miles from
Klamath Falls (Round Lake #1). This was an
awesome fire. Large orange flames, dark clouds,
thunderheads. Debris had been found throughout
the city of Klamath Falls. Wow!

A few days later after all the fire crews had left, we
received another dispatch to the same area. (it might
be worth mentioning that Zone Dispatch
headquarters is located just a few miles SE of the
Round Lake #1 fire).

We laughed about the State not mopping up
properly. We arrived at the fire scene and found
another roaring fire, just like the first. It appeared to
be burning next to the first fire. It was a repeat of
the first fire - lots of flame, state controlled fire, fire
camp at Kingsley Field. We had been thru it just a
few days earlier.

I believe the fire was not a re-flame of the original
fire, but started by Arson. It too grew to at least
1,000 acres.