ah, Paris...

we arrived in Paris following an all-nite flight at about 6:30am.  the view from the plane was wonderful - green patchwork countryside with white house, red roofs.  a quick trip thru customs and a hop on the train and we were in Paris.  ready for an all-day march thru the streets of Paris!

web_-_our_first_stop_above_ground_in_paris.JPG (139771 bytes)Just off the Metro, a McDonalds!


                                                             Street near our Hotelweb - street scene in paris.JPG (52803 bytes)








web_-_view_outside_paris_hotel.JPG (47869 bytes)View from our Hotel room in Paris


web - boats along the seine.JPG (138571 bytes)View along the Seine







web - sacre coure.JPG (86566 bytes) Sacre Coeur.  cool trip up to the very top of the Church.


web - skyline of paris.JPG (86599 bytes)Paris skyline from the top of Sacre Coeur





web - outside the louvre.JPG (158748 bytes)The Lourve Museum


web - ceiling inside the louvre.JPG (105289 bytes)Ceiling inside the Lourve Museum. 


web - outside versailles.JPG (95223 bytes)Entrance to Versailles






web - bedroom inside versailles.JPG (32608 bytes)One of many elegant bedrooms in Versailles


web - stain glass at notre dame.JPG (63949 bytes) Stained glass at Notre Dame


web - eifel tower at nite.JPG (162023 bytes)








Eiffel Tower at dusk.  Beautiful area to hang around in until well after mid-nite.












web - inside the paris subway.JPG (79958 bytes)Paris Metro - the only way to get around Paris.


web - sarah and ben on balcony of hotel.JPG (70666 bytes)



Sarah and Ben enjoying (not) a glass of wine on our Hotel balcony.