Fall Trip to Tucson


We spent Thanksgiving 2000 in Tucson with my entire family.  Here are a few of the pictures from the trip.


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Sonoran Desert Museum, just outside Tucson.  Cool place.







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Desert Museum







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Desert Museum







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More desert museum







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Happy family








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Sabino Canyon, just outside Tucscon.  Cool place.









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Cacti at Sabino Canyon







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Sabino Canyon








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Mission located just south of Tucscon






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Mission on return trip from Mexico






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Another mission pic






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A couple tourists at the mission









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Shopping in Mexico







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B17 at the Pima County Air Museum.  Cool place, lots of old planes and jets - one of the largest collections around.







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Looking inside the B17







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B52 - big jet






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A10 Warthog






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Jet Randy serviced when he was in the Air Force. 








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Carlson grandkids at Tom's House







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Cornfield in Tom's backyard in Arizona.  Looks like it is ready for harvest.







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Dad doing his best Christian Carlson pose...








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Randy's backyard






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Tom's house







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Arizona's most eligible bachelor