One of my favorite places to go backpacking is the Wind River Wilderness in central Wyoming.  Here are some pictures from a prior trip.  I have kept the pictures large so they will take some time to load.


wind1a.jpg (26903 bytes)

Lonesome Lake and Cirque of the Towers


bear1a.jpg (22201 bytes)

Yes, there are bears.  This particular one spent about twelve hours harassing our camp.

wind2a.jpg (23626 bytes)

Hiking out of the Cirque of the Towers, over JackAss Pass

wind3a.jpg (28665 bytes)


More outstanding scenery

wind4a.jpg (29442 bytes)

We had an overnite snowstorm at this lake in early August!



wind7a.jpg (34174 bytes)


wind8a.jpg (23205 bytes)

Believe it or not, the main peak in the background is Iowa Peak.

wind9a.jpg (30274 bytes)

My travelling companions on this trip.




Remember, tread lightly while visiting any of our Wilderness areas!