Me and Them Playalongs

If you click on the links below, you will be able to listen to the recordings named, with my accompaniment. They are encoded as mp3 files and should be playable on windows and mac machines alike. Some of the cuts I'm playing along with seem to have been recorded live, while most do not. For my part, what you hear was nearly all recorded on a single-take basis and with very minimal post-production work. I may, at some point, start recording multiple takes and combining them into more consistent final tracks and, additionally, may do more post-production work. However, I may not. Anyway, if you can think of these recordings as live performances (at least on my part), rather than highly produced studio performances, you may enjoy them more.

Click here to contact me with any questions or comments about this site, the recordings on it, or about Aikido. You can click on the "AIKIDO" link below to go directly to the Prairie Aikikai website.

Click here photos of my horns to see some pictures of the alto and soprano used on these recordings. The alto is a Buescher400 Top Hat and Cane (the SN is difficult to make out, but appears to be 299XXX) and was probably built in the mid '40's. The sop is a Martin Handcraft (SN92XXX) built in the late '20 (likely 1928).

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[DIR] Parent Directory 12-Feb-2005 10:46 ---- [   ] A Blossom Fell DKrall (w. soprano)..> [   ] For All We Know BSkaggs (w. soprano)..> [   ] Blue in Green SHorn(w. alto)..> [   ] Love Letters DKrall (w. soprano)..> [   ] How Deep Is The Ocean JLovano (w. alto)..> [   ] Everything Happens To Me CBentine (w. soprano)..> [   ] Bonita DGrusin (w. alto)..> [   ] Avec Le Temps (w. soprano)..> [   ] Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight MBreckerJTaylor (w. alto)..> [   ] Naima JColtrane(w. alto)..> [   ] Body & Soul LKonitz(w. alto)..> [   ] Jimmie DKrall(w. alto)..> [   ] Sometimes I See MBrecker(w. alto)..> [   ] Somos Novios ALincoln(w. soprano)..> [   ] The Very Thought Of You CBentine(w. alto)..> [   ] These Foolish Things CBentine(w. soprano)..> [   ] Concierto Miles(w. alto)..> [   ] Mr. Syms JColtrane(w. alto)..> [   ] Crystal Silence FPurim(w. alto)..> [   ] Variation1 LKonitz(w. alto)..> [   ] I've Got You Under My Skin DKrall (w. alto)..> [   ] Body & Soul DBrubeck & PDesmond(w. alto)..> [   ] I'm Nothing Without You AGilberto(w. alto)..> [   ] Blue Nile AColtrane(w. alto)..> [   ] I've Got You Under My Skin DKrall (w. soprano)..> [   ] How Long Has This Been Going On BSkaggs (w. alto)..> [   ] Down Here Below ALincoln(w. alto)..> [   ] My Funny Valentine Miles(w. alto)..> [   ] My Funny Valentine Miles(w. soprano)..> [   ] Summer Night Miles(w. soprano)..> [   ] I Fall In Love Too Easily Miles(w. soprano)..> [   ] Clouds KBarron (w. alto)..> [   ] Sunrise THarrell (w. alto)..> [   ] Flamenco Sketches JHenderson (w. alto)..> [   ] The Nearness of You PSanders (w. alto)..> [   ] Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight MBreckerJTaylor (w. tenor)..> [   ] Medley 1..> [   ] Medley 2..> [   ] Medley 3..> [   ] Medley 4..> [   ] Medley 5..> [   ] Medley 6..> [   ] Medley 7..> [   ] Medley 8..>

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