Due to the fact that so many issues have come up on the web regarding identify theft, etc., I no longer feel that I can post information regarding my family history, etc. It's a shame that in today's society there are jerks out there that would like nothing better than to steal someone's life from them, disregarding the hurt, anguish, pain and suffering they might cause anyone from this. All they think about is themselves and making a buck off of someone else's misfortune.

Therefore, I have closed some of my website, including 'Same Dog Productions' web design page as I no longer have time to design websites. You can still access my greeting card page. You can send greeting cards, as many times as you wish, without charge, without risk of my selling your email address to all those worthless, annoying spammers!!!! Also you can read my page about farming which my husband and I do in the State of Iowa, USA. If you come to a link somewhere on a website that is no longer active it is because I neglected to delete that link on that page and the page is no longer there.

Also, I am closing my 'Guest Book' as those nasty SPAMMERS seem to have found it and do nothing but put rubbish on it, such as links to everywhere that NOBODY wants to see.

If you wish to email me, you can do so by clicking here.