I specialize in custom made denim and cotton woven rugs. Each rug is hand-woven on a loom and comes in all varieties of color and lengths.

I can make any length rug with a width of up to 28". I run the warp as a chain design with navy blue and off-white. Other colors are available upon request. Let me know what colors you want on the order form below.

To place an order, please print and fill out an order form and mail with check or money order to:

Darrel F. Stephan
811 W. South Street
Jefferson, Iowa 50129-2328

Make checks payable to Darrel Stephan

Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Click Here For Order Form

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:



The rugs are made from one of two types of materials, denim and a cotton-blend rug filler. The denim color may vary. I have a variety of rug filler colors available.


The cost of the rugs depends on the length, excluding the fringe on the ends of the rugs.


The rugs can be machine washed separately in luke warm water using a mild soap. Rinse in cold water.


For longer life of the rugs, I recommend hanging the rugs to dry. The rugs can be machine dried, but may shrink from the heat of the dryer thereby shortening the life of the rug.