The Readlyn Telephone Company offers services including
Enhanced Phone Features
Internet Access
Direct Broadcast Satellite
800 Service
Paging Service

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Enhanced Phone Features

Feature Function
Anonymous Caller Rejection Allows you to reject calls for which calling name and calling number display information has been intentionally blocked. You do not need to be a subscriber to Calling Name and Number Delivery to have this feature

Automatic Callback This works like an enhanced redial button. If the line you're dialing is busy, Automatic Callback keeps trying the number for up to 30 minutes. Once both lines are idle, you'll hear a special ring. When you pick up the handset, the system rings the party you're wanting to reach.

Automatic Recall Lets you dial the last incoming call you received whether or not you answered the phone. When you activate Automatic Recall, the system tells you the directory number of the last incoming call and then gives you the choice of continuing the recall or ending the recall. If you recall and the line is busy, Automatic Recall keeps trying the number for up to 30 minutes.

CallerID Blocking Allows you to prevent your name or number from displaying on someone's phone. You perform on a per-call basis

Calling Name/Number Delivery Identifies the name and number of the calling party. After your phone rings once, the caller's name and number appears in you phone display. The date and time of the incoming call are also displayed.

Customer Originated Trace Lets you trace the origin of a harassing or obscene call. Information gathered from the trace is printed at the telephone company. You will need to ask the telephone company to release the information to the proper authorities

Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting Allows you to program directory numbers that will be identified by a distinctive ring when they call you. If you also have Call Waiting and you're engaged in a phone conversation, receiving a call from someone on your distinctive list causes a distinctive call waiting tone

Selective Call Acceptance Stores directory numbers from which you will accept calls. An incoming call from a directory number not on your list will receive a message stating that you're not taking calls.

Selective Call Forwarding Ensures that specific calls reach you when you're away from home or the office

Selective Call Rejection Allows you to program a list of directory numbers that you want rejected or blocked when they call you. The rejected or blocked caller receives a message informing him/her that you're not taking calls. Your phone won't ring

Teen Service You can have two telephone numbers assigned to the same line. Each number has a distinctive ring, so you can assign a number solely to the children, fax machine, or home business

Warm Line Automatically dials a predesignated number 30 seconds after you take the phone off the hook. For regular calls, pick up the phone and dial any telephone number within 30 seconds
Contact the Readlyn Telephone Company for more information about these enhanced phone features

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Internet Access

The Readlyn Telephone Company provides full Internet access through its business partner, Iowa Network Services, with local access from Readlyn. Internet services include unlimited access hours to the World Wide Web, Gopher services, FTP, E-mail, Chat lines, and nearly 20,000 news groups. Internet service can be obtained for a $15.00 initial installment fee plus $25.00/month. These expenses will be billed directly to your phone bill. Currently available only to Readlyn Telephone Company customers
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Readlyn Cablevision

The Readlyn Telephone Company has been serving the Readlyn community with cable service since 1983. Contact the Readlyn Telephone Company for more information about Cablevision

Readlyn Cablevision Cable Numbers
6 Cinemax
11 FOX-28
12 TNN
13 UHF-32 (IPBN)
17 The Family Channel
18 TNT
19 The Discovery Channel
20 WGN-Chicago
21 The Disney Channel
22 ESPN-2

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Direct Broadcast Satellite

Direct Broadcast Satellite, also known as DBS or DirecTV, provides cablevision through a satellite dish in areas where there is no underground cable. The Readlyn Telephone Company has the franchise for the southeast corner of Bremer County. Serving 82 customers and growing.

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800 Service

The Readlyn Telephone Company along with INS provides an 800 Service for homes or businesses. Among its features are:

  • No installation fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No additional line needed
  • Billed in 6 second increments (18 second minimum)
  • Billed directly from INS
Contact the Readlyn Telephone company for information regarding rates and installation

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Paging Service

Along with INS, the Readlyn Telephone Company provides a paging service with the features such as:

  • Statewide coverage
  • Low monthly fee
  • Pages received within 90 seconds
  • Local pager number (800 # Access Available)
  • Numeric or Alphanumeric display available
  • Voice messaging also available with paging
Contact the Readlyn Telephone Company for availabilty of pager styles, colors, and prices

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