Rose Garden

The Bentonsport Rose Garden exhibits many old garden roses along with a few modern roses.  The old garden roses which are grown today have stood the test of time and are excellent roses, although they are generally not repeat bloomers.  Many of the modern roses are Buck roses.  These roses were developed by the late Dr. Griffith Buck, a professor of Horticulture at Iowa State University. The remaining modern roses represent a variety of roses which perform well with low maintenance in southeast Iowa.

Old Garden Roses

The following is a list of the old garden roses we grow:

Alfred de Dalmas Autumn Damask Baroness Rothchild
Belle Poitevine Blanc Double deCouber Cardinal de Richelieu
Charles de Mills Comte de Chambord Comtesse de Murinais
Fantin-Latour Felicite Parmentier General Kleber
Gloire de Mousseuses Honorine de Brabant Jacque Cartier
La Reine Victoria Lady Penzance Leda
Louise Odier Mme. Ernest Calvat Mme. Hardy
Mme. Issac Pereire Mme. Louis Leveque Mme. Pierre Oger
Maiden's Blush Marquise Boccella Paul Neyron
Quatre Saisons Blanche Reine des Violettes Rosa damascena bifera
Rosa eglantine Rosa gallica officinalis Rosa gallica Versicolor
Rosa glauca Rose de Rescht Soupert de Notting
White Pet Zephirine Drouhin

Buck Roses
The above link will take you to the Iowa State University site on Buck roses.

The following is a list of the Buck roses grown in the Rose garden:

Amiga Mia Brook Song Carefree Beauty
Country Dancer Distant Drums Dorcas
Earth Song Folksinger Golden Unicorn
Hawkeye Belle Hi Neighbor Honeysweet
Les Sjulin Maytime Pearlie Mae
Prairie Harvest Summer Wind 

Other Modern Roses

Belinda Belle Story Blossomtime
Buff Beauty Canterbury Cornelia
Dainty Bess Dr. W Van Fleet Dortmund
Happy Iceberg Jens Munk
Kathleen May Queen Pax
Penelope Prosperity The Fairy
Will Scarlet Wind Chimes

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