Butterfly Garden
Click to see larger image and textThe Butterfly Garden was started in 1996 to improve an area which was over grown with weeds and brush.  We now have three flower beds with a variety of flowering shrubs, perennials and annuals which attract and nourish butterflies.  A few trees were left in the area to provide shelter for butterflies.  A butterfly house also provides some shelter and is an attractive addition.

Plants shown in red are nectar plants for butterflies, plants shown in green are food plants for catapillars.

Shrubs and Trees

There are a variety of shrubs which are of use in a butterfly garden.  Several are listed below for your information.
Butterfly Bush Common Lilac
Willows Wisteria


Some valuable perennials:Click to see larger image and text
Bee Balm Butterfly Milkweed
Dame's Rocket Forget-Me-Not
Gaillardia New England Aster
Phlox Purple Coneflower
Verbena Yarrow
Alfalfa Sassafras

Annuals and Biennials
Marigold Zinnia
Nasturium Helitrope
Broccoli Cabbage
Carrot Dill

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