My Shack

Below is a picture of my small shack. It is located in a little alcove off the bedroom and it is kind of cramped. I have my computer facing the radios and there is just room for me to squeeze into the space between them. When we slept upstairs I had the whole room to myself, but our knees and hips suggested quite strongly that we move our bedroom downstairs-----and we did. While the room is small it is still functional so all is not bad.

Visible is a Knwd 570D, a Knwd 751A for two meter ssb work, a power supply and a couple of rotor indicators for my two beams -- a Hy Gain tribander at 45' and a Cushcraft 4218 two meter beam at 35'. Also there is a keyer, a Ham Key paddle, and a two meter amp.

The little plastic cup sitting on the Knwd 570 makes a good little cw filter when put over the speaker vents. It's remarkable how much it emphasizes the signal at a particular frequency.

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