Home Made Paddles

This bottom one needs a little explaining. The base is a round Altoids tin with melted lead in it for weight. For the paddle I used an etched circuit board with a grid of traces on one end of the board. The grid covers about 1" x 1". Around the outside of the grid end I put a narrow strip of scotch tape as a spacer. I tried several things before using just the scotch tape. I then added a layer of aluminum foil and then covered it with scotch tape. When touched, the aluminum foil touches the traces on the grid and makes contact. It takes very little pressure to activate it and it is easy to send with. I really didn't think it would work, but surprisingly it works quite well. I've had this paddle for several months and it still hasn't worn out.

I have several ideas of making a better one, but just haven't done it yet. Soon I'll get the urge to work on it some more and make what I think will be a much better one.

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