Manhattan Building

The first picture is an audio amp and an oscillator in the same case. It's used for tracing an audio signal. The little oscillator is a good enough oscillator by Joe Everhart, n2cx, from The 2003 Fall issue of the QRP Quarterly. The amp is a New Jersey Islander. The picture below that is an audio amp from the 2n2/40 transceiver. It works better and will replace the Islander amp.

Below is the 2n2/40 audio amp. It's a real winner.

Below is the front of the "Clamped-Bandwidth" Gyrator Audio Filter. The circuit, by Larry Coyle, K1QW, was in the August 2003 issue of QST. WB4CHK, David Rogers, was kind enough to give us the art work for a manhattan style board.

It's hard to see the parts because of the nest of wires, but they are there and the filter works very well. I'm building another one for my son and it's manhattan style without the etched board.

This is a simple dummy load for qrp levels. The 3 - 150 ohm resistors were not 50 ohms so I added smaller ones to get the 50 ohms. The smaller resistors are quite high in value compared to the 50 0hm 2 watters so they will draw a small amount of current. Below is the inside of the dummy load.

Wa0itp, Terry, designed a crystal controlled 80 meter transmitter so the club members could have a local net. The transmitter is shown below. It delivers about 1 watt and works very well.

And above is the inside of the OARC-80. (OARC) stands for Ottumwa Amateur Radio Club. Terry and I decided to put a keyer chip in our OARC-80. We used KD1JV's SKC. Below are 3 pictures that show how mine went together.

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