Who I Am

I was born in 1934 and have lived all my life in Iowa. During one of our moves I lost my old ham licenses and log books so I don't know exactly when I became a ham, but it was close to these times. I got my novice, WN0MWW, in the summer of 1965 and the general in the fall. In the 70's when our oldest son got his extra I couldn't let him get ahead of me so I got one too.

I used to chase dx, but after a while of sending lots of postal coupons I gave up on dx and just hammed.

Later, computers took over my interests and I didn't do much hamming for a few years. Then I discovered QRP and my interest was revived. I don't do a lot of operating, but I enjoy building small projects using manhattan style.

I would like to do more cw work, but I can comfortably run at about 15 wpm. It seems everyone is going at least 20 wpm on the air, but I have found a few slower fists. When I got my extra I could copy most of 25 wpm so I didn't have to worry so much about the 20 wpm test, but through non-use my speed had deteriorated to around 10 when I restarted cw work. It is harder to get the speed back up at age 70 than 40!

I had also given up maintaining my web page, but seeing all the interesting things other hams were doing and putting on the web I got interested in doing that so here I am back on HTML, which has changed since version 2.0. I recently bought a digital camera and now I am back to the web with camera in hand.

Here I am in my Iowa tuxedo

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