2n2/40 Transceiver

I finally got started on the 2n2/40. I've been sidetracked learning to use my new digital camera and relearning HTML. I'd like to thank "RC" Robert Conely, KC5WA, for his help in getting me started with the 2n2/40.

The board is bigger than the original one. Because my hands and eyes are not what they used to be, I have some trouble making things small so I made the board 7" X 9". There is a strip of masking tape on one edge to help me move the board without making so many finger prints.

Below is a closer view of the TxRx driver. Can't find a happy medium with the pix -- either too light or too dark. A close look shows that the transistors are 417-801s. These are from the Heathkit days and that is the number for 2n2222s. I hope that won't give me any problems.

This next picture is of part of the txrx driver, the vfo and the front end. I've tested the vfo and it works, but I haven't put power to the FE.

Well, I finally got around to working up enough courage to fire it up and see if the front end works and it works like a charm. Wonder of wonders. Now to the IF.

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