REFALERT is two electrical units: a timer transmitter and an arm mounted vibrating receiver. The transmitter can be used two different ways. # 1. With REFALERT you can use the transmitter as the clock. At some tournaments, there are many mats going at once but not enough wall mounted clocks to display the time at each mat. (This is the case at many little kids tournaments.) When the transmitter gets to the final ten seconds, the receiver gives a quick vibration. This is the refs first warning that the time is almost done. Then at five seconds he gets another vibration. When the period is over he receives a long harder vibration. # 2. Another way REFALERT can be used is just as a "towel boy." If the meet has enough wall mounted clocks, the scorekeeper would not use the transmitter as a timer with warning vibrations. It would be used just to signal the ref at the end of the period or match using the buzzer button. This gives the long hard vibration. Our GOAL - is to be able to hook up to any gymnasium's timing device. This would give meet directors many more options.
 How to use REFALERT