Lincoln Highway

The road running east and west past this site, known today as County Highway
E 41, has an illustrious past. First paved in 1929, this segment was part of U.S. 30 from 1926 until 1962, when that highway was re-routed one mile south. It was also part of two earlier automobile roads across the state, the Iowa Official Trans-Continental Route (1911-1913) and, of greater fame and importance, the Lincoln Highway (1913-1926).

Launched in 1913 as a memorial to the martyred president, the Lincoln Highway was the first successful effort to mark, promote, and build an automobile highway spanning the United States. Linking Iowa to New York City and San Francisco, the Lincoln Highway crossed the state from Clinton to Council Bluffs by way of Colo, staying close to the main route of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway (now the Union Pacific Railroad). Those tracks are located about one-quarter of a mile south.