Colo Cabin Camp

The Colo Cabin Camp that preceded the Colo Motel began in 1928 with six cabins and grew over the next ten years to a total of twelve cabins. Cabin furnishings included a bed, a table, two wooden chairs, and a single light hanging from the ceiling. Sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels were handed to travelers when they checked in. None of the cabins had a toilet or shower, and only two were heated, using pot-bellied stoves that burned coal or cobs. The camp was open from early May into October.

Most of the cabins were demolished or removed by the time the large motel building was completed in 1947. Several years later, two surviving cabins were joined together and remodeled to make the nearby two-unit motel building. The only other remnant of the cabin camp is this building, which once housed the camp’s laundry room and communal showers and toilets. The threshold inscriptions--“Ladies” and “Men”-- show where there once were separate entrances to these facilities.