Reverend W. T. Janssen & Family

Served: 1898-1905

Rev W.T. Janssen


On the fifth day of April, 1899, at a special meeting of the congregation, Reverend W. T. Janssen was extended a call. Rev. Janssen was born at Veenhusen, Germany, January 22, 1865. He also followed the path of many of his fellow countrymen and immigrated to this land of great promises. He took his college course at Hope in Holland, Michigan and graduated from that department in 1893. He immediately enrolled in Western Seminary, also upon graduation in 1896. He was licensed and ordained by the classes of Pleasant Prairie. He first served our Hope church at George, Iowa from 1896 to 1899. From this church he was called to Ramsey and came in the fall of 1899. For six years he diligently served the church and most of the middle aged people of this congregation still remember with pleasure his period of service among them. In 1905 the Zion church at Chapin, Iowa called him to service.


He served in this church for twenty years. From thence he went to the Reformed church at Kings, Illinois, serving there form 1927 to 1932. Because of recurring illness, he was compelled to resign from active work and retired to his pleasant home at Aplington, Iowa. Mr. Janssen was also a very studious man. He has many publications to his credit. He has served as editor of the "Sonntagsblatt"; also as editor of the "Annual German Almanac", and as editor of "Der Mitarbeiter". Other publications to his credit are a series of 54 consecutive articles called "The Heidelberg Catechism", and many other articles in various church papers, and sermons which have received wide attention. The Ramsey church also feels grateful to Rev. Janssen for the years of his ministry in this community.