Centennial History

Volume 9

“Ramsey Home Visitor” – 1945

"Helping the Pastor" by F. Snuttjer

The purpose of this article is to call the parent’s attention to the necessity of helping the pastor in catechetical work. We are confident that unless our fathers and mothers cooperate with the catechism teacher, persistently and cordially, the scholars receive very little benefit from the instruction they receive. The help which the parents can render in this work is threefold.

FIRST and foremost is the creation of a favorable attitude toward the minister in the hearts of our children. Let us speak kindly of him in their presence. We are convinced that more of our young people drift away from God and his Church because the pastor was criticized in their presence when they were children than for any other reason. If the pupil assumes an attitude of defiance or indifference toward the minister it is in nearly every case the result of parental hostility or the parent’s carelessness in talking about the church. If the child conceives of dislike for his catechism teacher, his mind is closed to whatever good influences the later may seek to exert upon him. Parents, for the sake of the child speak kindly about your minister to your children!

SECOND, parents can spoil the work by not insisting that their child shall attend class without fail. As a rule, if the child is absent, he not only neglects to learn his lesson during the week of his absence but also fails in his recitation the next week, offering the excuse that he did not know the assignment. “Be thou faithful.”

THIRD, parents must supervise their child’s catechism work at home. Few children will really commit their catechism lesson to memory and do the written work assigned to them if their fathers and mothers do not see to it that this is done. Remember parents, that children and young people attend catechism joyfully when they know their lessons but dislike to go when they are unprepared for the recitations. And how little benefit they will receive from attending classes which they dread!

Dear fathers and mothers,  let it encourage you to know that you can be the minister’s most effective assistants in the performance of his catechetical labors. How deeply he will appreciate your help! And how happy you will be in later years for having given it!


The home must be instructive. Our nation has gone infidel and pagan because the home has lost her teaching ministry. This applies most regretfully to Christian homes. To bring the children up “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” has been largely left to the Sunday School. There is no longer the audible reading of the Word of God, the family prayer time, the singing of hymns, the learning of Scripture. Where are the teaching parents who take time to instruct in the home, to make knowledge of truth a supreme challenge? Here parental delinquency abounds! No parent should be ignorant of Deuteronomy 6:6-7.

Parents who are Christians and who make no attempts to seriously and compassionately win their children to Christ are worse than infidels. Parents whose lives do no conform to Gospel standards so as to merit the faith and trust of their children and to lead them to Christ are delinquents. Are you among those delinquents?

Volume 10

“Ramsey Home Visitor” – March 1937

Births: No babies were born within the family circle of the Ramsey Congregation during the past month. This is the first time since 1923 that no babies were born from Feb. 15 to March 15.

Weddings: Miss Vernelle Zweifel, although not connected with the Ramsey Church, is well known to the Ramsey young People. She was united in Marriage on Feb. 17 to Mr. Maurice Bilsborough. Rev. Patterson of the Local Methodist Church performed the ceremony. Mrs. Calvin Schnucker officiated at the piano. Mrs. Bilsborough studied the piano under Mrs. Schnucker.

Sickness: Although a month ago much sickness was to be found under the people of this community, at the present writing only one family, the George Swyter home, is under quarantine for Scarlet Fever. Eunice has the sickness. * Mrs. Ben A. Pannkuk, who has been seriously il since Christmas, is slowly improving. Several days ago she was permitted to take a few steps.

Activities: The Ramsey Young Peoples Club held its annual business meeting and election on Tuesday Evening, March 16. There were thirty-three regular members present. Several visitors spent the evening with the club. All bills had been paid, all mission assessments met, then there remained over $160 in the treasury not including the monies of the Ramsey Home Visitor which is sponsored by this club.

The Ramsey young Peoples Class held its annual meeting on Thursday evening, March 11. During the past year this class has indeed been successful in doing its bit for the kingdom. Besides having its regular Sunday morning studies, the class raised nearly $100 for missions, church improvement, and Christmas boxes for our mission stations in America.

The Ladies Aid has been very well attended during the past several months. In spite of roads and weather conditions, the regular 4 members have been very faithful. Several new members have joined the group. There is still plenty room for others of the churches women folks.

The consistory of the church has been very active this past month; the elders and the pastor have called upon every church family as far as possible. The deacons have also contacted every family in the church.

Only one special offering was held during the past month. At that time $43 were raised for mission work. This past year the Ramsey Church has done quite well in its giving toward mission and other worthy objects.


One Hundred Ten Years Ago: Born on March 4, 1827 at Neermoor, Germany, Antje Ulbertus. Later she became Mrs. Ubbe Dreesman. She was the first person to be buried after the organization of the Ramsey Church. She died the 7th of January 1887, not quite sixty years old. Her place of burial was on the old Meyer Cemetery.


Of all the people at any time connected with the Ramsey Church, who was born first? An interesting question indeed. The records claim that Mrs. Tebbe Loats (Her first name was Lammina – last name not given) was born on Oct. 2, 1815 at Oldendorp, Ostfriesland.

(Excuse the editor of this column, he had to sneeze. The records are so old and dusty which he has been reading that the dust got into his nose. So we will close the old records for another month.)

1977: No, we didn’t make a mistake; that’s forty years from now. We were just wondering whether there will be as many great changes as there were during the past forty years. Will the Ramsey Church still be standing out in the country? Or will it be functioning in Titonka? Can an all country church hope to live out in the country? Who of the young people living today, will be the old members of the Ramsey church in 1977? What will they be saying about the young people of the 1977 generation? Will our present pastor be living then? If so, he will be about the same age that our former pastor, Rev. G. Haken is now. That wouldn’t be so impossible.