Centennial History

Volume 7

Titonka Topic - September 6, 1928

"Farm" - J. Payne, Editor

Meet Pastor Haken

Last week we met for the first time the Rev. G. Haken of the Ramsey Reformed church, north of the German Valley store, and asked him to show us a new book he recently published. The book is a health treatise, giving nature-cure methods of home treatment for all ailments. The Rev. Mr. Haken is recognized as one of the foremost students of nature-cure and allied methods in this county. He has advised and counseled his people in the Ramsey church neighborhood for 22 years, and on publication of the new book received press notices which praised him as an authority in nature-cure.

We purchased a copy of the book, largely to obtain the tables giving mineral values of a long list of food we eat. We had never seen an attempt before to analyze food for mineral values, and perhaps there are no such analyses that have been made by American chemists. In fact we remember that the great chemist and food expert, Dr. H. W. Wiley, said some time ago that no such analysis had been had been made in the U.S.A.

Well, we got these and other tables which are worth the $3.50 the book costs, and in addition we have a highly interesting and readable book crammed with facts about the care and treatment of the human body. Especially interesting are parts of the book which deal with the selection and combination of food. The Rev. Mr. Haken is evidently one of the old school of scholars, of German extraction. He has the kind of persistent, studious mind that will tackle any problem, and if necessary he will read 50 books to trace the problem out to the ultimate conclusion. Then, too, he has the ability to set the final facts out in an understandable way which anyone will find interesting whether a convert to his methods or not.

The book is titled "Home Sanitarium" and was printed by the Topic at Titonka. The cloth binding is green, with heavy gold stamping. The price is the same whether purchased from the Topic or from the Rev. Mr. Haken, whose address is Rfd.1, Titonka. The Rev. Mr. Haken has been pastor of the Ramsey church for 22 years, and he has been a student of nature cure and counsellor in this work for 35years. His style of writing is finished, and of a strong, virile character. We are proud to have the book. Titonka Topic - January 1, 1903

Last Monday afternoon the members of the Ramsey Reformed Church congregation north of German Valley gathered at the parsonage and presented their minister, Rev. W. T. Janssen, with a number of valuable and useful presents, consisting of a three piece parlor set, sofa, arm chair and a parlor chair in appreciation of his services as a minister and neighbor during the past year. The Reverend has a strong church that thoroughly appreciates his services and are ever willing to present him with valuable and useful gifts each year. He is very grateful for these kind remembrances from the members of the church. The afternoon was spent in social discourse and all went home in the evening feeling well paid for their time and opportunity spent with Reverend Janssen and his good wife.

Titonka Topic - January 14, 1904 In the afternoon of Dec. 30 a number of people of the Ramsey Reformed church came to surprise their pastor and family and in behalf of the members and friends presented them some very valuable presents consisting of a fine sitting room carpet, a hall rack, a pair of driving mittens, etc. That the recipients felt very thankful need not be stated. The afternoon was spent very pleasantly in social talk, tea and refreshments were served.

Buffalo Center Tribune - March 12, 1909 (OBIT) Geike Bruns, whose death was announced in last week’s issue, was born in Germany, September 12, 1829, and died at his home in the west part of town. Tuesday, March 2, 1909, aged seventy-nine years, five months and eighteen days. The cause of his death was Brights disease. On October 15, 1856, he was united in marriage to Miss Tatje Fischer. They immigrated to this country from Germany in 1864 and settled in Stephenson county, Illinois, where they lived many years. They family then moved to Grundy county, where they lived until 1882, when they lived until 1882, when they came to Kossuth county to make their future home. Fifteen years ago they sold their farm, two and on-half miles southwest of town, and moved to Buffalo Center, where they have since resided. Mr. Bruns was one of the first members of the Ramsey Reformed church and led a true Christian life. Short services were held at the home Thursday at 9:30 o’clock, following which funeral services were held at the German Reformed church in German township, conducted by Rev. G. Haken, pastor of the church, and interment took place in the church cemetery. He leaves to morn his departure a wife, four children, three sons and one daughter, as follows: Edward Brunes, of Titonka, Rick Burns, of Buffalo Center, Ben Bruns, of Lincoln Township, and Mrs. Gertie Cook of Mason City; one brother, of Carroll County, and three sisters. The bereaved relatives of this good man have the sympathy of our readers.

Volume 8

“Ramsey Home Visitor” – February, 1943

Edited by Greta Sleper

Church Building: The church parlors with its entries was given a complete new coat of paint. Many very favorable remarks have been heard about this most recent improvement. The entire church building is to undergo a complete cleaning soon. By the time this goes in the mail it may be realized.

And: In spite of the snow storm on Sunday evening, January 3, worship services were conducted. A group of twenty-two people braved the storm to be in attendance. Here is evidence of "I love thy Church, O God…to her my cares and toils be given…" Pvt. Vernon V. Gray sent $5.00 for missions and P.F.C. George J. Rippentrop sent $35.00 which he designated "God's money" requesting that it be divided as follows: $15 for missions, $10 for local church work, $5 for Sunday school and $5 for the Young People’s Club. Both the congregation and the Adult Sunday School class remembered the family of the manse with a handsome gift of money at Christmas. The pastor is continuing with the pastoral visitation and hopes soon to have been in every home in the congregation.

Home: P.F.C. Herman Tapper of Camp Rucker, Alabama recently has been home on a furlough. Cpl. Nanno Tiedens of Camp Hood, Texas also is enjoying a furlough. Pvt. Edgar Rippentrop of San Diego, California called home to his folks by phone just recently. Student John Ailts of the New Brunswick Seminary was home for Christmas vacation. Mrs. Ailts came home to stay a bit longer than the vacation. John preached in the local church on Sunday evening, December 27. Student and Mrs. Esdert Smidt of the Western Theological Seminary also were home for the Christmas vacation. Esdert was to preach in the local church on Sunday evening, January 3, but weather conditions prevented. Ralph Cordes of Central College and Clarence Loats of the Dubuque College also were home for the Christmas vacation.


Notes from letters from our boys in service:

Cpl. Nanno Tiedens. I was very happy to hear from you folks. I had been intending to write, but somhow didn't find time. Tonight I’m on guard duty, but not too busy to write. My job is to sit here in battalion headquarters and take care of all phone calls that come in. Before I go any further I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to all the folks who helped make up the Christmas package which they sent me. It is little things like that and the letters which you folks back home send to us who are in the service which help us keep in touch with the folks at home. Even just a few words help immeasurably to "buck up" a man’s spirits.

Pvt. Vernon Gray. Boy, I just can’t wait for the day when the armistice will be signed. I guess that goes for all of us. Although we’ve got it pretty good in our camp …I sure hope that the war will come to an end this year…Jim Rippentrop is on this island too. I haven’t seen him for quite a while. We got parted at Angel Island, CA We did get to see each other several times out here. That’s quite something meeting somebody from home!...You know I really enjoy reading the Home Visitor. All in all its really a swell paper. Oh, yes, thanks a lot to the congregation for the box or can of cookies, peanuts, etc. Boy it really was good! Hope to hear from you soon again. God bless you all the new year through. P.S. Thanks again for everything. You know Psalms really is a nice book to read, especially in trying times like these.

Jim Rippentrop. Dear Friends, I wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I cannot write each and everyone of you a letter thanking you for the Christmas cards and gifts you sent me, so I’ll write a letter in the Home Visitor thanking each and everyone of you very much. I appreciated the things you did for me very much. It didn’t really seem like Christmas to me this year, but it was a Christmas that I never will forget. My sincere hope and prayer is that next year we may spend Christmas together again, and that we may have peace on earth and good will among men. In closing I want to say that I enjoy all the letters you sent me and enjoy them very much so keep on sending them. As ever, Jim.

Pvt. Albert Harms. Sent word with his mother to convey thanks to those that sent him the Christmas box.

Pvt. Johann Tapper. I received your letter but they keep me so busy that I couldn't answer it right away. I’m getting along just fine and like the army life now, after I got used to it. I received the box that was sent by the church. Thanks very much.

PFC. Oscar Gingrich. We really had a swell Christmas dinner. A dinner like that makes lots of extra work for the cooks and they have to sleep in their spare time as it is. Some of the boys admitted that it was a dinner equal to what they would get at home but they said that if they could be home, corn bread and water would satisfy them. After I got away from home and knew that I couldn’t get back for awhile, I got so I don’'t mind it anymore.

PVT. Clarence Penning. I enjoy the receiving of your letter very much and all that you wrote in it. I received a box from the church, which you probably know. Would it be too much to ask if I asked you to thank the congregation for it? I enjoyed it very much and it also gave me a feeling that I was taking part in the Christmas spirit with you folks back home. Would you wish the congregation a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for me? May God bless you all. May this war be over soon and peace again be restored upon the earth.

PVT. Morris Isebrand. First of all I want to take a space to thank the Ladies Aid for sending me the box of good candy, peanuts, cookies, etc. Really comes in handy. Cookies were a little broken-up, but believe me that didn’t spoil the taste. Please, tell the ladies of the Aid that I appreciated the things I received.

PVT. Richard Isebrand. Received the package today, was really glad to get it. The boys in my barracks really went for it in a big way. So it really helped more boys than myself. Everything was just fine, and I thank each one of you for sending such a swell gift to me…I really like it here, because everything is better than I expected it to be. We get plenty to eat, good sleeping quarters and also a large church to attend. Although it doesn't seem as though it is the same as at home, I'm sure it sends out the same lessons to help those who attend and believe…I’ll close now by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P.F.C. Herman Tapper. We haven’t met yet (writing to the pastor) but I’m coming home on furlough over the holidays. If the trains travel fast enough so I can make it you will see me in church as soon as I come…I will make a special effort to speak to you. (He did speak to the pastor and conveyed to him his thanks to the congregation for the Christmas box).

PVT. Dick Beenken. To the ladies Aid and all: I received the package you sent me a few days ago so now in return mail I want to thank you all for it. Also for going into the trouble of packing and sending it. I received it in fine shape and sure appreciate it very much. So thanks ever so much to all of you.

PVT. Ben Miller. I received the package from the Ladies Aid two days ago. I want to thank them for the wonder gift. I surely am enjoying it very much…Thanks again for the gift and God bless you all. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

PVT. Simon Sunken. I’m glad that I had a furlough but I hope that I will get another furlough some time…How is the Young People’s Club coming along now since they started rationing gas? I sure miss the club after I went into the army… I hope I will be home in the near future, if the war ever ends…Thanks to the Ladies Aid for the Christmas box that they sent me. God bless you all.