Centennial History

Volume 5

First Issue of "Ramsey Home Visitor" - February 1937

Local Church News Items, Edited by Evert Sleper

To edit this department has turned out to be a rather difficult job. It isn't hard to get together a jumble of news and happenings. But to pick out only that which is interesting, valuable and worth-while is quite a different matter…But this monthly magazine will try to bring to you things that you will want to keep, things of interest that might otherwise be overlooked.

Sickness: The month of January and thus far in February many people of the church have been on the sick list. Scarlet Fever and Flu have been most frequent visitors. Those who were quarantined for Scarlet Fever are: John Janssen family, Ralph Janssen, Mrs. Robert Janssen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Plaisier, Della Meyer. All of these have been either released from quarantine or are on the way to a rapid recovery.

The flu bug seems to have bitten in most every family: Those reported most seriously ill during January and February are: Mrs. Ben A. Pannkuk whose recovery was almost despaired of but who now seems to be getting stronger, Mr. and Mrs. Roni Janssen, Esdert and Jan Johnson, Jennie Johnson, the Herman Wirtjes infant, members on the John Cordes family. At the present writing most of these aare either well again or almost so.

Deaths: On Tuesday evening, January 19, the 3½ year old son of John Janssen died at the home of his parents. Ralph Aggo died of a severe case of Scarlet Fever. He was aburied after a private funeral in the Ramsey Cemetery. The parents and two other children survive. Both of the parents hereby take opportunity to thank their friends and relatives for the kindnesses done them during their period of bereavement.

Activities: All church activities have been hindered somewhat by weather and road conditions. The regular meetings have all been held with the exception of Sunday, February 7. During this slack month the Sunday School Cradle roll has been organized with about 50 members. Mrs. W.H.Beenken has been put in charge of this work. A prenuptial shower was held for Miss Wyona Gruis at the home of her parents by various ladies of the congregation. Another one was held in her honor a few days later by the young people. Visitation of church families in regard to rebuilding the old church or building a new one is continuing slowly these days with blocked roads and impassable lanes…A new series of programs has been posted for the Young Peoples Club…large posters are being posted in the church vestry attacking the gambling and drinking evils which seem to have taken hold of so many of our small towns. Watch for future posters.

And so forth: The Young Peoples Class presented the church with several very fine gifts: A large mat for cleaning shoes in front of the entrance of the church, a reading lamp for the pulpit, another for the organ, three oak offering plates. They have also purchased material for building a roadside name sign for the church.

John Ailts and John Tapper, two of our ministerial students studying at Central College , were at home for a week end during January.

A last minute item just handed in says that Otto Boehm, son of Mrs. Will Boehm, was operated following an acute attack of appendicitis at the Dolmage Hospital in Buffalo Center. He is getting along quite nicely.

Mr. Bill De Wall has hired out for the season to Mrs. John Schutter. Bill will have all the responsibility of running the farm on his shoulders.

During the calendar year 1936 thirty-seven people joined the Ramsey Church, twenty –six baptisms were performed.

Rev. G. Haken and his wife, who for twenty-six years served the Ramsey church, are enjoying their stay in California this winter.

The Good Hope Congregation rejoices that their fine new house of worship has been completely paid for during the past year. No debts remain on the building. The church cost $14,300 to erect, this price includes the heating system but does not include furniture in the building. In eight years years time all this money was paid by a congregation of approximately sixty families. (Good work Good Hope. The Ramsey Church has 120 families so it ought to do at least as well – Editor's comment)
- Arthur Rike


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Volume 6

"Ramey Home Visitor" – February 1941

Iola Meinders, Editor

Local Church News: This past month has been a month of much activity in the church and at the same time of much illness:

Illness: To mention all the folks that have been ill would be almost impossible. However, here are a few that have come to our attention. Mr. Kobus Tjaden – Extreme pain in nerve in face – weeks of suffering. John Miller and Ben Miller – several days illness. Pneumonia – Gerald infant son of Carl Harms, Dick Janssen's baby, Flu and Grippe – Joyce Schnucker, Greta Smidt, and youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Meyer. Injured back – John Smidt. Muscular Rheumatism with weeks of being in bed – Mrs. Robt Kruse. Besides these there are a multitude of others who have been and still are sick.

Accidents: Arlo, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. George Swalve fell off a soy-bean stack and splintered his leg – must be in a cast at least three months.

Death: Mr. Ed Ricks 68 year old pioneer of this community died of the results of a stroke on January 9th – he was buried on the 12th from the Ramsey Church. Mrs. Ben Heyes, Sr. 94 year old Great, great Grandmother, died Friday morning, the 17th of January. Burial on the 19th from the Ramsey Church. Mrs. Heyes was one of the oldest people living in Kossuth County and had been comparatively well until a week ago.

Wedding: Diana Kardoes and Jim Trask were united in marriage at the home of the bride on Thursday afternoon, December 26th. They now live on a farm near Klemme.

The Christmas program was the best attended program in the history of the church, very nearly 500 people counting men, women and children were in attendance. The program was written and produced by members of the Local Sunday School.

The Adult Sunday School Class has made plans to give a Pancake Supper at 6 o'clock on Friday, February the 7th. They will start serving at 6 and continue until all are served. Music during the supper will be furnished by various of the young people. Buckwheat Pancakes, Pork Sausages, and coffee will be served. Whatever profit is made will be given to the home and mission projects of the Adult Class.

The Sunday School of our church has set another new record for average attendance during the past year. In 1938 the average attendance for the year amounted to 173, in 1939 the average was 190, during the past year, 1940, the average was 204. 1941 lies ahead of us. The real question is can we break the 1940 record and have even more than an average of 204? If you parents will faithfully send your children and attend the adult class, we feel certain it can be done.

The attendance in the Young People’s Forum meetings on Tuesday evening has made a huge jump upward thus far in 1941. Two weeks ago the attendance was somewhat over 50, last Tuesday evening there were 64 present. The Young People are looking forward to an active and progressive year.