Centennial History

Volume 3

"The Ramsey Home Visitor" – January 1940

Local Church News and Events: Katie Beenken, Editor Births - A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Harringa on November 25th. He has been named Roger LeRoy.

Accidents: Mrs. Weert Asche slipped and fell down the back porch steps in their home in Titonka. She broke no bones, but did sustain bruises. Etc – We have been informed that Henry Swalve has returned from the Hospital at Iowa City. He is still under Doctor's care.

The Pastor and his family were in Aplington one day last week, helping Mrs. Schnucker's Father celebrate his 77th Birthday. The pastor drove on to Pella, where he was in conference with Doctor Lubbers concerning the establishment of a rural institute at Central College for ministers and members of the Reformed Churches in the State of Iowa.

Our Pastor: We read in the Kossuth Paper that Rev. Mr. Schnucker was elected Sec'y and Treasurer of the Kossuth County Ministerial Association.


Our Pastor had birthday near the close of the past month, it is reported that he received almost 100 greeting cards from families of the church. And so forth – Mrs. John Harringa is again at home after a visit with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Beenken.


Mr. and Mrs. Schnucker have been calling on families of the church, but during the Christmas rush have omitted calling. After Christmas they will again call. They hope to finish calling on every family by the close of January.


The wiring of the parsonage and church are being gone over in preparation for the R.E.A. service. The North Kossuth Radio and Electric Shop of Titonka is doing the work.


Various Sunday School classes have had parties just before the Christmas season. Most of the members report having a happy time.


An Announcement – The Printer made a mistake last month in announcing the date when the cover contest would be closed. In order to be fair to all, the date remains January 10th. Several pictures have been handed in – five to be exact. Anyone else who wishes to try for the dollar prize, please have your picture in by the 10th.


Ramsey Church Adult Study Group – On Sunday evening, December 17, the first meeting of a group of adults took place in the parsonage. The purpose of the gathering is to study and discuss the great Christian Doctrines of the church and to see how the various denominational doctrines resulted from these Christian Truths. This group will meet every other Sunday night during the winter months. The next meeting will take place December 31 If there are any adults who wish to take part in this study group, it is not too late to join. The first meeting was an outline of the work which will be discussed and a short discussion concerning the Bible which is used as text book. The next meeting will consider what we know about God, his attributes, character, and revelation.


Volume 4

"Ramsey Home Visitor" – January 1942

Local Church News by Dorothy Sleper, Reporter


Births – On Thanksgiving Day a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Eizo Heyes – the little girl is doing very nicely – the mother, however, is not at all well.


Weddings – It has been reorted … that Miss Alice Winter was recently married to a Mr. Knutson. Thus three sisters have married three brothers – something that does not happen very often.


Illness – Always there are the many minor illnesses happening to folks all about us. However, we do have several major cases to report: John A. Sleper had been in the hospital at Buffalo Center for more than a week recovering from a very intense attack of Gall Stones and Jaundice. Mrs. Eizo Heyes, ten days after her baby was born became severely ill with pleurisy and pneumonia, after that had cleared, she became severely ill with a leg difficulty.

Showers – The Ramsey Young People’s Club held a surprise shower on Mrs. Elmer Gray (Katie Beenken). They reported having a good time. A prenuptial shower was held Monday night on′Dorothy Sleper (Editors are permitted to insert these reports which have to do with the Reporter on these columns when the reporter does not insert them.) Miss Dorothy has been reporter for Local Church News during the past year.


Past events – The final report of the Ladies Aid Bazaar and Supper has it that almost three hundred dollars were taken in. Immediately the Aid sent out a check for $93 to the Women’s Board of Domestic and Women's Board of Foreign Missions.


Recently the Ladies Aid presented the Janitor of the church with a nice new (large) coal scoop. The Janitor reports that it is a great improvement over the old one. (Probably that’s the reason the church has been so hot on recent Sundays – he wanted to try out the new scoop.)


The Young People’s Club has recently acquired some new recreational materials. Several new games have been introduced which are acquiring quite a following. A dart baseball game board, a bean bag board, and a shuffle board set are the three most recent ones which have either been made or purchased.


Saturday Bible Study Classes are in full swing. Many children could still be enrolled. If you live too far from the church inquire about the home study courses, in this way all children will get regular instruction.


Ben Siehlman is still incapacitated by his leg difficulty. Mrs. Siehlman has been home maker and chore boy combined.


A item that was omitted from last month’s Visitor – Mr. and Mrs. John Smidt, Mr. Enko Smidt, Mrs. Warner Smidt travelled through Illinois into Michigan and visited their son and brother Esdert and his wife Margreta. They found the two well and happy. Margreta is a busy girl, keeping house and working as a clerk in one of the down town stores.


A recent card from the Hanno Ailts family left them well and quite happy in their new home in New Jersey. Little Jackie enjoyed the Bath tub especially.