Centennial History

Volume 15

"Ramsey Home Visitor" – March 1942

The Church Takes a Page - It was five years ago this week that the first stakes were driven into the ground to estimate about how large the rebuilt church would be. Those stakes gave an impression of an exceedingly large building. Actually another 20 feet were added after the architect had been consulted. For 4 1/2 years we have been worshipping in the building and a few observations ought to be made.

First: The Ramsey Church is one of the few large and well constructed open country churches in Iowa. It stands as living proof of the faith and confidence which the people of this community have in the future. Seldom does a week pass in which less than eight different meetings are held in the building. It is not merely a one day a week (Sunday) church, but it is a church which functions every day of the week.

Second: We, the people of the church, have grown accustomed to our church building. We need to remind ourselves of several items which have to do with church conduct. The sanctuary of the church is peculiarly dedicated to God. It remains a place in which we show reverence toward God. People (men and boys) entering the sanctuary, whether a service is being held or whether the church be entirely empty, should always remove their hats. Children ought never be allowed to race up and down the aisles of the sanctuary. Loud laughing and talking should be curbed.

When the present Pastor first came to this community, certain people of the church were afraid that we would turn the church into a theater by using theatrical methods. He was warned against that in case he were thinking of such a thing. Today, he tells this reporter that it wasn't the Pastor who needed this warning – rather it is the people who need it. Certain theaters encourage gum chewing, pop-corn and candy eating etc. during the program. THE CHURCH DISCOURAGES SUCH TENDENCIES. To chew gum, to eat candy, and to smoke in the church sanctuary is a distinct disrespect toward God. All parents ought to forbid smaller children to chew gum or eat candy during services. Young people ought to be examples to others in refraining from this practice. If people are so hungry that during the hour of service this becomes necessary, a cantine will be opened in the church kitchen an hour before service and the hungry will be fed. Please, do not use the bottom of the pew or the floor of the church for discarding gum.

Third: The matter of fees for the Pastor comes to the attention of the people. Our present Pastor wishes it understood that so long as the people continue to pay him an adequate salary, he will continue to refuse all fees for administering the sacraments. Recently people have been offering to pay him for performing baptisms. If people wish to give a donation for this they should make it for missions. The Pastor will refuse such fees. This also holds in regards to funerals. Several times people have forced a fee upon the pastor for conducting a funeral, he has turned the money over to missions. Please do not offer him money for funerals. In case the funeral demands distant driving, the family may provide the travel expense, otherwise nothing will be accepted.

Fourth: The Pastor is always ready to serve his congregation. If anyone wishes to speak with him either in his study or at home, he is never too busy to receive them. This is part of his church work and he is anxious to perform it.

WHEN A COUPLE CONTEMPLATES MARRIAGE, they, both the girl and boy, (woman and man) should come to the Pastor at least a week before the date of the wedding. It is always desirable that the Pastor have an hour’s consultation with the couple before the day of the wedding. There are times when the Pastor has an important meeting and if he is not consulted early enough, he may not be able to perform the ceremony.


Volume 16

"Ramsey Home Visitor" – June 1940

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